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safe journeys

Safe journeys with Travel blogger Lakshmi Sharath

ED-MM: Hello, Lakshmi Sharath. Thank you so much for joining us today. Do you also have a parallel career along with travel blogging? Lakshmi Sharath: Thank...
Ananda shankar jeyant, fighting cancer with dance

Fighting cancer with dance – Inspiring story of Ananda Shankar Jayant

First of all, how are you doing now, health-wise? I finished my chemo cycles in March 2009 and then started a drug called Herceptin, which...
grandmother, nostalgia

Nostalgia – The grandmother chronicles

“Should we take the bus or should we just take a rickshaw instead?” asked by grandmother. Walk, just walk I kept repeating. The reason being...
Social change

6 Women on the frontlines of social change

There are lots of Indian women who are actually considered to possess a multitude of admirable qualities, i.e. they are beautiful, strong, intelligent, etc....
Around India in 48 days

Around India in 48 days – Kanyakumari, southern most tip of peninsular India.

Before getting to the trip, let me share a quick background on the purpose apart from the mindset. No one from Chennai can forget the...