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Dear Readers,

1st of July is observed as National Doctor’s Day.  We at ED-MM dedicate this month’s issue in honour of all those noble souls rendering selfless service to the community at large.

Doctors are treated as equals to God – A statement as old as time. The role of a Doctor is that of God’s – removing misery and pain of mankind. These God like humans have dedicated their entire life in serving humanity to lead a better and healthy life.  Having said that, I do realize that, like in any other profession, there are shortcomings and misgivings by a few in this noble domain too.  But that, thankfully, is a negligible minority.

I have had the opportunity to interact and spend a lot of quality time with quite a few Doctors.  As a Medical Conference Manager I have worked along with Doctors on long drawn projects giving me an opportunity to see both sides of the life of a Doctor.  The dominant characteristic of most Doctors I know is their competitiveness.  They are extremely competitive and always look to excel in their vertical.  To achieve this they bring in huge amounts of dedication and single mindedness.  The intense focus is something to be seen to believe. Long working hours and never ending queue of patients do not seem to sap their energies in any way.

Elders Digest – Mudhiyor Malar draws it’s energies from the Legendary Dr. V.S Natarajan, our Founder & Chairman, who at age 78 contributes much more than people who are 1/3rd his age.  It is our privilege to dedicate the July issue of Elders Digest – Mudhiyor malar to all those selfless Doctors serving the community tirelessly and with the same zeal they started out with.  We have stories and accounts from Doctors about their lives as Doctors.

We, The Team of Elder’s Digest –Mudhiyor Malar, extend our heartfelt gratitude to their good and tireless deeds to save fellow humans from pain and suffering.

Thank you,

Rajasekaran  Manimaran

Editor in Chief




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