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Director’s Note

By Dr. V. S. Natarajan


Dear Readers,

Greetings from Dr.V.S.Natarajan Geriatric Foundation! Welcome to our new digital communication venture. Through this platform I wish to interact with you all.

The Dr.V.S.Natarajan Geriatric Foundation’s motto is “Happy Elderhood”!!! To achieve this I hope to reach out to elders as well as their family members, through various platforms.

India is a greying nation, with the elder population marking about 10% of the total population. As longevity increases this section of the population will also increase in the near future.

We can divide our life into three main stages:

  • Healthy Stage – 1 to 30 years
  • Disease Stage : In this period people are prone to communicable diseases (TB, Chest infection, Urinary infection) and non communicable diseases (diabetes, hypertension, obesity) – 30 – 60 years
  • Disability stage – Some problems that arise in this stage are – Uncontrolled hypertension leads to stroke, Poor control of diabetes may leads to blindness, which is secondary to retinopathy – 60 and above

Some diseases are more specific to old age like Parkinson’s, dementia, Alzheimer’s and certain cancers which can also lead to disability. Disability leads to dependency, that is, depending on others for our daily activities. Dependency is the most unpleasant component of ageing.

The elders suffer from multiple problems that can be thought of as medical, mental, functional and social. I would like to provide a holistic approach to tackling them and shed light on all these aspects. In the coming issues the magazine will talk about the health in ageing, preventive geriatrics and also include financial and recreational columns.

To break this disease to disability to dependency cycle the younger generation has to learn about taking care of themselves, which we wish to teach you through this magazine. The aim is to ensure that the younger generation is equipped to age well.

I hope by reading this magazine, the elders and their family members are able to lead a happy healthy life.

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