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Editor’s Note

By Rajasekaran Manimaran, Editor, Elders Digest


Dr. V. S. Natarajan Geriatric Foundation began with the ambitious vision of Happy Elderhood. As we continue to work with this vision in mind, we are constantly on the look-out out for new avenues to extend our support to the demography we seek to serve. You are whom we seek to serve and communication with you is essential to this whole process.

With this in mind, we are renewing our efforts in digital communications. This will be a step forward in the journey to create an all-round geriatric support system in India, complete with news, information, digital resources and leisure content. This will add value to the on-ground geriatric support activities we are currently involved with.

However, this is not an elder-only club. Our focus is on the process of ageing, and on making senior life fulfilling for everyone. That means even youngsters will find value in what we have to offer; after all, preparation for your later years should start now.

As aggregators of information, we will bring to you the resources that will not only support the elderly, but also guide the young and the middle-aged as they prepare for a satisfactory, dignified senior life.

I look forward to making this an enriching communication platform for you. Let us succeed together on the journey to a HAPPY ELDERHOOD!

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