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Journaling – A Powerful Mindfulness Technique to Practice This Month

By Ruchi Sinha

Designed by jcomp / Freepik
Designed by jcomp / Freepik

We live in stressful times and it affects all aspects of our life. Mindfulness has become popular like yoga and meditation to help us de-stress.

Every day we are surrounded by negative emotions and thoughts. Mindfulness is a technique that shows you how to live in the present and be aware of it. When you practise mindfulness your mental and emotional strength gets enhanced, as living in present allows you to live a happy and calm life and helps in overcoming one’s negative emotions by recognising it. Mindfulness quickens your reaction time to overcome negativity. When you become aware of your thoughts and emotions you accept the present moment with a neutral attitude and move forward.

Some benefits to being mindful are –

  • Improves working memory: Our brain weakens with age affecting memory. When you practise mindfulness in old age, you boost attention span and mental health. At the same time, your reaction time also increases, encouraging you to live fully, in present.
  • Boosts happiness: It is important to live happily in your late years. It is proven that mindful meditation enhances one’s general and emotional happiness.
  • Makes you resilient: Our resilience to change and setbacks decreases in old age. Mindfulness boosts one’s self-regulating mechanism, to improve decision making and speed up the recovery time during setbacks.

Journaling is a mindfulness technique to maintain one’s mental well-being. It is a feel-good practice, helping us stay aware, improving our lifestyle and maintaining good thoughts. It can also help us conquer our life goals; when a goal is written daily one sees it every day. It’s an ideal creativity enhancer. It can be very useful in breaking unwanted habits. In morning the mind’s activity is at its peak, hence journaling at this time boosts your brain’s creativity.

When we are emotional, writing improves our mood and lowers stress. Journaling can help us in understanding and managing our emotions better and releasing pent up emotions. For the elderly, this practise can remove negativity and calm the mind.

There are various types of journaling which hold life-improving potential.

  • Gratitude journaling is the practice of writing about the feeling of one’s gratitude in the daily journal. It boosts positivity during depression.
  • Another journaling variant is the habit tracker journal. Here one writes about habits, goals and accomplishments. This acts as a motivator and helps in building daily habits. Moreover, you can highlight the habits you have built in different colours and highlights!
  • Sometimes people want to make use of affirmations only. The daily affirmation journal fulfils this need. An affirmation is written in present tense. Initially, you should focus on a single affirmation to attain the result.
  • Morning page writing is another journaling method. As the name suggests you should write it in the mornings. One can write about anything and fill 3 pages in 20 mins or more. It helps in listening to our inner voice which we sometimes forget to hear.

Stress doesn’t see time or venue to strike you. Journaling has emerged as an ideal tool in recognising our stress patterns. This helps in learning about the things that cause us stress, and seeking help to find a solution, when needed. It aids in releasing tension and boosting clarity. It may also change one’s belief system and bring positivity.

Mindfulness and journaling have proven their worth in bringing calmness. In long run, it helps in maintaining good health and a healthy mind. This is an effort worth incorporating into one’s daily life.



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