Designed by ijeab / Freepik
Designed by ijeab / Freepik

We all listen to different types of music, all day, every day, from the alarm tone on our mobiles to the random radios at the tea stalls we pass by. That said, we seldom know how all this music impacts our mind. Yes, we hear the music everywhere, but, if we stopped and actually listened to it, it makes a world of difference. After all there is nothing as good as grooving to our favorite song on a long drive or over a cup of tea with our friends and family!

Studies have shown that music is capable of influencing the human mind, which is not to be confused with the brain. Let us look at the effect of music on the brain first. The music we listen to on a regular basis creates patterns of connections in our brain; such constant brain activity is beneficial to brain health. For example, when a commercial plays on the radio, we immediately tend to remember the visuals of the commercial and may even remember any personal visuals we have of the same product.

The Harvard School of Medical Sciences conducted a study to find out how much influence and impact music can have on one’s brain. The study observed five people who could play piano melodies professionally by practice and five amateurs who only heard the same melodies for a period of one week. A week later, when the amateurs were asked to perform the same pieces, it was observed that they had developed the same nerve connections to their brains like that of the group that had practiced the same melodies.

Music is also at play in the mind, in terms of health. What does that mean? Music is used for therapy. It is done so because the mind reacts to the frequencies of the music we hear. Such effects can be seen and felt in places ranging from spiritual or devotional music to music found in horror movies. In music therapy the music is generally based on acoustic or drone based sounds, giving the listener a rhythmic, light and gentle sound. However, there is no harm in being eclectic and choosing your own style of music!

As time goes by, listeners taking music therapy are sure to see an improvement in their mental behavior and mood. What a fun way to keep the head clear, isn’t it? Would you give this a try?


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