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Is retirement boring? Check this out!

By Preeti Kamath

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Designed by Freepik

After a lifetime of busy, hard work, don’t we all look forward to a peaceful, quiet life post-retirement? A well-deserved break! For a lot of seniors, however, this change of going from the comfort of a busy lifestyle to the unknown of ample free time can be difficult. The dullness and monotony of retired life may not be to everyone’s liking.

The good news is: there are a lot of options to re-enter the workforce. If you’re physically capable and interested, finding a job that is right for you can have a lot of benefit.

Just picture this: With a job of your choice, your daily life will suddenly become more interesting. You won’t feel the day dragging on with boredom and you’ll be filled with a sense of purpose.

The good old days of set routine and being physically and mentally active will return. Not to mention, you’ll have an extra source of income which is always nice to increase your retirement savings and improve your quality of life. Sounds like a win-win situation!

Before embarking on a job hunt, ask yourself these questions to help you pick the right job:

  1. What is the purpose of the job? Earn money, to keep you engaged, or both?
  2. What hours would you like to work? Full-time or part-time?
  3. What is the minimum wage you will accept?
  4. Are you looking to use existing skills or get trained on new ones?
  5. Do you want an office job or work from home?
  6. Do you want to have a job or be self-employed?

Here are some job ideas that you may consider:

  1. Consultant: The best way to utilize the vast knowledge you have gained from your career is by consulting for others. You can pass on your expertise, experience, and training and set your own work hours. You have the flexibility of taking on as much or as little work as you can handle and can make a meaningful contribution without getting stressed.
  2. Converting your hobby into a source of income: Whether you like photography, painting or writing, you can hone these skills and find ways to make money. This way you will earn doing the things you enjoy and won’t feel too pressured. Examples: If you’re a great cook, cater for small parties. If you love making handmade crafts, you can sell them online.
  3. Learn new skills: There are many short courses that you can take to start on a new career path. Examples are digital marketing, pranic healing, photo editing, content writing, yoga teaching training, baking and so on. It all depends on what you’d like to learn. Many websites offer a wide variety of online classes that you can take from the comfort of your home. A quick search on the internet will lead you to these courses.
  4. Start your own venture: If you have the capital and the know-how, you can start your own business. Whether it is a retail store, franchise or a coaching centre, it can be done. However, be sure to assess if you’re ready for such a responsibility and investment.
  5. Volunteering: If making money is not your goal, you can consider giving back to society by volunteering. This has a dual benefit of keeping you occupied with interesting work as well as being a great way to work on a cause you’re passionate about. Non-profits usually rely on volunteers, so you can search for such organizations in your area and sign up to be a volunteer. If interesting work and a sense of making a meaningful contribution to the world is more important than financial gain, volunteering is the perfect opportunity for you and it will be very rewarding.

Here are some organizations that focus on primarily helping seniors find jobs and acquire new skills that will land them a job.





Wouldn’t you want to tap into your hidden talents, use your experience in a meaningful way and also learn new skills? Whether you’re looking for a full-time, part-time or a volunteer job, the world is your oyster. After all, age is just a number!

We wish you a very active and interesting senior life!


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